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Ampat Development LLC is here to make your American Dream come true. Our home is a key part of the American dream and we all have ideas for improvements and designs we would like to see or Implement. With my long background in construction and a bountiful arsenal of trade skills, Ampat Development can help you bring those dreams to life.

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Core Principles

Handyman on the Phone

Customer Oriented Approach

Ampat Development knows and understands customer service and appreciation is paramount to a successful and progressive community. This Is why we take a hands-on approach to help curate a easy and pleasurable experience for our customers.



Everyone is looking for a fair deal and their money's worth when they outsource home improvements. Ampat Development implements a win-win policy so that both the customer and we as a company can come out of the deal with progress and development and fair deal.


American Made

Ampat Development supports the founding American principles of hard work and integrity. We take pleasure in providing a quality service at an affordable price. Our mission is to bring your American dream to life.



My name is Dustin Schieber, I'm the owner of Ampat Development LLC. Growing up, my family inspired and supported hard work ethics and high quality of service. These core values have stuck with me throughout my life and the workplace because they are timeless principles of success. Over the years and my experience in many fields, industrial and manufacturing production, residential and commercial construction, and new residential construction or remodeling, I have gained valuable insight into success and failure in the fields. Ampat Development's mission is to provide a quality service at an affordable price and help fellow Americans build their American dream.



Inquiries & Estimates

For any inquiries, estimates, questions, or concerns, please call: 1-(360)-605-6497 or fill out the form below and e-mail us directly. If for any reason the submission doesn't work you can e-mail us at


For inquiries about employment please call 1-(360)-605-6497 or fill out the following form.

Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out and chosing Ampat Development LLC. We will contact you with-in 48 hours

Location: Longview, WA, 98632

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